Wednesday, May 18, 2011

With me or without me...

'With or without me ? ', the intriguing question in the movie 'Knight & Day'.
As we get older, the essence and need for a genuine companionship becomes more acknowledged. Teensy fantasies starts to fade slowly as you grow into the not-so-perfect world . Suprisingly, more people get hurt than soothed, more heartbreaks than heartmends and more short-terms than forevers. It makes one ponder on the progess of relationships and marriages over the centuries and in the future.  

Heartbreak is something no one willingly wants to experience. People would act irrational, stay put in an abusive relationships, throw a blind eye to the happenings around them, deny they are hurting, get laid with people they really don't give a hoot about or rush into a rebound relationship  just not to be emotionally crumbled. Everyone dreads that sad ache.

Well, one needs to know the worth of what they are fighting for. Is it worth it, the relationship you are trying so hard to nuture and keep ? Does a heartbreak (which is only a passing phase) worth your future happiness? No one said the decision is easy most times, but your happiness and contentment should be your upmost concern, don't sweep all your dreams and self-esteem under the carpet just to work on your partner's dreams. It's admirable to be selfless but no relationship should strip you of your self and your dreams ! Life is full of choices and those choices are what defines you, so can you live with or without your partner?

Quote: 'I asked God to give me hapiness, God said: "No. I give you blessings. Happiness is up to you." '

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