Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pages from a Dairy: Old flame flares.

August Xth, 200X.
He told me it was purely platonic, at least that was the vibes he gave, that it was going to be nothing intimate like we used to. He made promises, as he usually does...
One thing lead to another, so fast that I barely remembered it happening...he seemed deceptive with all he did, the drinks, the card, the people, the expressions, his words...
Then, there we were at his condo...after the dinner..he cleared the plates......then he went against his own words...we kissed...he begged...he got angry...he got hurt.
It all dawned on me, I regretted what a tease I had been in the past, for never taking us serious. He refused to take me home...a strategy for me to spend the night...I pulled MY own with him, lied that I would be back on Saturday night to spend the weekend since my man was away. He exploded, lit his cigaratte and walked to his car. As he started the car, Lurther Vandross's "If I didn't know better" played, he sighed and swiftly changed it to a rap.

He drove so fast, as he smoked so fast, he cursed, he shook his head in disbelief, he sighed, told me he has waited all these years to get me back, to start from where we stopped.
There and then, it all hit me that he was only in lust with me, never in love.
When he pulled up in front of my hostel, I pulled him close to me and gave him the lightest wet kiss we ever shared. I could see the spark building up in his eyes. Then I broke the silence, "Tee, you need to stop coming around, I'm happy now."
With that I stepped out of the car and walked towards the hostel entrance, I could feel his glare on me...